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Kiss - Monster mp3 download

Kiss - Monster mp3 download

Performer: Kiss
Title: Monster
Style: Arena Rock,Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,Pop-Metal,Contemporary Pop/Rock,Album Rock
Location: Conway Studios
Duration: 43:39
Released: October 16, 2012
Date of recording: May, 2000 - August, 2000
Size MP3 version: 1171 mb
Size FLAC version: 1404 mb
Size WMA version: 1934 mb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 460
Genre: Pop Rock

Kiss - Monster mp3 download

Kiss - Monster (2012).

On October 9, 2012, "Monster", the 20th studio album by hard rock/heavy metal phenoms Kiss, was released.

Monster is the twentieth studio album by American hard rock/heavy metal group Kiss, released on October 9, 2012. It was recorded at Conway Recording Studios in Hollywood, California and The Nook in Studio City, Los Angeles. Monster was produced by Paul Stanley and co-produced by Greg Collins, as was 2009's Sonic Boom. It is the second studio release by the current band lineup, with Tommy Thayer on lead guitar and Eric Singer on drums, alongside founding members Stanley and Gene Simmons.

Monster is a tremendous throwback to the superhuman partying and heavy metal Ragnarök of Kiss albums like Destroyer and Love Gun, with meaty riffs, hamfisted drumming, and a combination of Simmons' patented demonic growls and Stanley's interstellar party-starting, not to mention amounts of cowbell that would have been above average even in 1977.

Monster é o vigésimo álbum de estúdio da banda norte-americana de hard rock Kiss, lançado a 9 de outubro de 2012. O álbum estreou em 3 lugar na Billboard 200 e vendou 5. 00 mil cópias em sua primeira semana. O título do álbum foi confirmado pelo Kissonline. com em 21 de agosto de 2011. Foi gravado no Conway Recording Studios em Hollywood, California ao longo de 2011 e produzido pelo cofundador, guitarrista e vocalista Paul Stanley e pelo produtor Greg Collins, assim como o álbum anterior, Sonic Boom.

KISS Monster (KISS Album).

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Дата релиза 16 Октябрь 2012. Лейблы Universal Music Group. Produced by Paul Stanley (Stanley Harvey Eisen). Музыкальный стильHard Rock. Владельцы этого альбома164.

For one glorious sixty-second span near the end of their new album 'Monster,' Kiss once again (and finally) earn the title of "the hottest band in the land. But what about the other 42 minutes? The magic moment happens during the album's penultimate track, 'Take Me Down Below,' which features a primal, rhythmic riff that sounds more like early AC/DC than anything in the Kiss catalog.

Part-time band and full-time business, Kiss have hardly set the world alight musically for something approaching 367 years. Known more for their penchant for hawking acres of tacky merch, the New Yorkers follow up 2009’s Sonic Boom (name a song from that record without looking it up) with another album about girls, low-down street life and other passé things like that. No doubt Gene Simmons, still heavily competing for biggest arsehole on the planet, will tell you he doesn’t care what we all think; he’s got money, bitches and bling.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Hell or Hallelujah Paul Stanley Kiss 4:07
2 Wall of Sound Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley / Tommy Thayer Kiss 2:55
3 Freak Paul Stanley / Tommy Thayer Kiss 3:35
4 Back to the Stone Age Gene Simmons / Eric Singer / Paul Stanley / Tommy Thayer Kiss 3:01
5 Shout Mercy Paul Stanley / Tommy Thayer Kiss 4:04
6 Long Way Down Paul Stanley / Tommy Thayer Kiss 3:51
7 Eat Your Heart Out Gene Simmons Kiss 4:06
8 The Devil Is Me Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley / Tommy Thayer Kiss 3:41
9 Outta This World Tommy Thayer Kiss 4:29
10 All for the Love of Rock & Roll Paul Stanley Kiss 3:21
11 Take Me Down Below Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley / Tommy Thayer Kiss 3:24
12 Last Chance Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley / Tommy Thayer Kiss 3:05


Greg Collins - Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Liam Collopy - Publicity
Martin Cooke - Assistant Engineer
Ute Friesleben - Production Manager
Jeff Fura - A&R
Rob Jacobs - Product Manager
Tom Jermann - Art Direction, Design
Kiss - Primary Artist
Russell Lee - Photography
Brian Lowe - Photography
Don McGhee - Management
Sujata Murthy - Publicity
Gene Simmons - Bass, Composer, Vocals
Eric Singer - Composer, Drums, Vocals
Paul Stanley - Composer, Guitar, Producer, Vocals
Tommy Thayer - Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Seth Waldmann - Assistant Engineer
Eric Weaver - Assistant Engineer
Brian Whelan - Piano
Matt "Wiggy" Wiggers - Assistant Engineer
"Monster" serves as a stylistic identical twin to the band's previous record, 2009's "Sonic Boom" — a collection of old-school riffs, woven together by endless cock-rock cliches, double entendres and caveman-like poetry — lyrics that make Spinal Tap seem like intellectuals.It must have been a hoot to hang out with the band in the studio during the recording. Stanley, Simmons and the two youngins literally had to have had Perrier shooting out of their noses as they cut the vocal tracks. For example, on "Back to the Stone Age" Simmons declares — "Sit on the throne, let 'em kiss the ring. 'Cause I'm a Stone Age man, I'm the king." Not to be outdone by his older partner, Stanley answers back on "Shout Mercy" with the compelling confession — Hang out, put out, get out. That's what we're all about. Now that's quality comedic writing!However, Stanley seemingly gets (almost) spiritual on "Long Way Down," musing — "Look away but you can't pretend. Gonna pray for a way when the end is near." But as with many of the all-time great poets, you never quite know for sure if Stanley is talking about God or propositioning a stripper. In "Take Me Down Below," Simmons recounts a particular liaison — "She took my finger, here's the button to press. I raised my flag and she dropped her dress. I'll take you on a cruise you'll never forget. She said, we better move now 'cause I'm already wet." Really, dude? You're a 62-year-old married father of (at least) two. Groping groupies ain't groovy, Gramps — it's gross."Monster" is extremely well-produced and the musicianship is impeccable. Even the packaging is quite eye-catching. Sadly, the brutally dopey lyrics kill the record. "Back to the Stone Age," indeed.
Fun, four-on-the-floor music. This is a pretty fantastic album... with some issues. Too much music takes itself too seriously, OR is too electronic. This is guitars, drums and vocals. It's also fun. A LOT of fun. Sometimes dumb. Sometimes clever. Sometimes --quite often infectious, catchy and heart-pumping!The funniest thing to me are those who label it the following ways:1) Kiss sucks. It's only the original four. Tommy is lame. Eric's nice, but he's a puppet in Peter's make-up. Paul can't sing. Gene only loves money.ANSWER: The band has changed and so have I. We've grown up, why haven't you?2) Terrible! Sonic Boom was SOOO much better!ANSWER: Two points here, really. I like Monster quite a bit better than Sonic Boom. Heavier, but not without the fun energy. There are similarities, but I could see someone liking one over the other, because I rarely listen to Sonic Boom and spin Monster all the time.3) Monster is amazing! Best album ever!ANSWER: Not quite. But it's pretty darn good.Hell Or Hallelujah 8.5/10Didn't hit me right away, but has grown on me A LOT! Wall Of Sound 10/10Gene is on fire on this album. Freak 9/10Fantastic song. Would have preferred it without 1st person narrative voice during verse. Back To The Stone Age 10/10Possibly best song on album. Fun, catchy and blows you away. Shout Mercy 10/10Tremendous song from Paul. At the top of his game. Not in 80's mode, not entirely 70's mode. It's a unique sound for this era - and it rocks! Long Way Down 10/10Mature tune and tone. Brilliantly written song. My favorite on the album. Eat Your Heart Out 7/10Solid song, but second tier for this superb collection of songs. The Devil Is Me 10/10Paul continues to show he's always written better demon character songs than Gene! Outstanding heavy riff. Outta This World 6/10Good, not great. Tommy does nice vocal work, but nothing stellar. The songs Eric and Tommy sing are too campy and silly. It sounds like a tune for a Disney kids show.All For The Love Of Rock And Roll 6/10Good, not great. Eric provides strong vocals (as always), again too campy and silly. Another Disney show tune.Take Me Down Below 4/10Tune is really pretty great. Has its moments, but teeters into childish and even a bit gross. Completely revamp the vocals & maybe. Hints of 'X in Sex'... Yuck! Last Chance 7/10Good song, but overshadowed by other songs. Right Here, Right Now 7/10Good song, but overshadowed by other songs.
Early Waffle
With ‘Monster’, Paul Stanley – in the producer’s chair for the second time in a row - continues to draw Kiss back to their essence. He even manages to improve on 2009’s long-overdue return to form, ‘Sonic Boom’, with an exciting, high energy set of heart-pumping rock and roll.‘Monster’ ends up sounding even more like a 1970s Kiss record than its predecessor, but with just enough subtle 21st century flourishes to prevent it from sounding like a museum piece. Writing credits stay within the band with lots of co-writing between members stopping it from falling into the Stanley vs Simmons trap that made their 80s releases both schizophrenic and disappointing. All the band members sing and back one another once again, as they did on ‘Sonic Boom’ and in their heyday.The pace is relentless with no interruptions from ballads or arty indulgences. It has the onslaught of ‘Destroyer’ combined with the simple rock and roll drive of ‘Dressed to Kill’. And – finally – Kiss find the courage to put out an album without an obligatory third rate attempt to rewrite ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’!The best moments are, as is often the case, provided by Stanley’s writing and vocals (even if he sounds older and croakier). But Simmons is not far behind and the other two convincingly capture the spirit of the long departed original members with some bravura singing. Tommy Thayer is even a co-writer on three quarters of the album.‘Hell or Hallelujah’ serves as a great ‘modern’ Kiss 4x4 opener, smashing into ‘Wall of Sound’ followed by another Stanley highlight and slight style update in ‘Freak’. An affirmation for the outsider, it could easily have imploded into naffness, but manages to become one of the most infectious tracks on the album. ‘Back to the Stone Age’, ‘Shout Mercy’ and Long Way Down’ continue the pulse-racing drive of proceedings’. Utilizing enough tempo, style and rhythm changes to keep everything pumping, the set rocks through to see proceedings out via a high energy ‘Frehley’ track – ‘Outta This World’ – the hilarious nautical double entendres of ‘Take Me Down Below’ and the show-stopping ‘Last Chance’ before silence finally provides the opportunity to draw breath.This isn’t high art by any means. But it is high energy, polished, melodic, heavy rock and roll. It might not grab you at first, but give it a few spins. You might just find it gets your heart racing! And that is no small achievement for a band that has been at it as long as Kiss have.
Tori Texer
Hell or Hallelujah - 5/5Wall of Sound - 5/5Freak - 5/5Back to the Stone Age - 5/5Shout Mercy - 5/5Long Way Down - 5/5Eat Your Heart Out - 4.5/5The Devil Is Me - 5/5Outta This World - 5/5All for the Love of Rock & Roll - 5/5Take Me Down Below - 4.5/5Last Chance - 5/5
God bless the good ship KISS and all who sail on her. Anyone who doesn't like this album is a communist.
Hell Or Hallelujah 10/10Wall Of Sound 10/10Freak 10/10Back To The Stone Age 10/10Shout Mercy 10/10Long Way Down 10/10Eat Your Heart Out 9/10The Devil Is Me 9/10Outta This World 10/10All For The Love Of Rock And Roll 10/10Take Me Down Below 9/10Last Chance 8/10Right Here, Right Now 10/10
By this time, everyone knows that recent Kiss are superfluous, if not for their spectacularly choreographic live shows (and the resulting very expensive tickets…) and the desire to keep the myth of rock ‘n’ roll good time as longer as possible in order not to make its golden era be forgotten by the newest generations. The band’s latest album yet, Monster, is a concise collection of D#-tuned rockers with bombastic production and riffing and tentatively anthemic vocals (but, by now, it’s clear Paul Stanley’s voice is pretty much destroyed, by now), including the obligatory fillers sung by Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. Once again, the songs sound all impeccable and pleasing, but there’s barely a highlight, due to the excessively lively vocal lines, the conventional riffing/soloing. Hardly essential, if not for a modern spectacle in miniature.Highlights: “Wall of Sound”, “Outta This World”, “All for the love of Rock & Roll”.