» » MC Chile - Everything You Wanted to Know About Compton But Was Too Scared to Gothere and Find Out
MC Chile - Everything You Wanted to Know About Compton But Was Too Scared to Gothere and Find Out mp3 download

MC Chile - Everything You Wanted to Know About Compton But Was Too Scared to Gothere and Find Out mp3 download

Performer: MC Chile
Title: Everything You Wanted to Know About Compton But Was Too Scared to Gothere and Find Out
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Genre: Hip-Hop

MC Chile - Everything You Wanted to Know About Compton But Was Too Scared to Gothere and Find Out mp3 download

Compton's Most Wanted's official music video for 'Hood Took Me Under'.

Текст и перевод песни Compton's Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under.

Chile' & The Koncrete Jungo featuring . Chile' & The Koncrete Jungo featuring .

Everything You Need To Kno "I want to make it clear before we start what the title represents. Everything You Need To Know, But Have Never Been Told does not refer to all that people need to know in terms of information and knowledge. Have enough common sense to know you should look at as many sides as possible before formulating genuine and valuable personal conclusions. When you ONLY in one BIASED side that automatically is aligned with "what you think you already know" instead of looking outside the box, you will miss out on amazing people with great minds and miss out on opportunities to EXPAND your horizons and your mind. Without giving too much away, most of us have no idea how powerful we truly are in terms of manifesting a life that we really desire, in a world that we ideally want to live in.

Genre: Hip hop Album: Everything You Wanted To Know About Compton. A1 I Just Wanna Rock You. 4:52. A2 Growing Up In The Ghetto. Was Too Scared To Go There. And Find Out (CD, Album).

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Compton’s Most Wanted. Produced by DJ Mike T. Album Music to Driveby. Hood Took Me Under Lyrics. And when its black on black, that makes it shitty Can't survive in the Compton city And fool thats bet Cause when you grow up in the hood, you gots ta claim a set Chyeah, Its not that you want to but you have to Don't be a mark, cause niggas might laugh you Straight off the mutherfuckin block Can't. deal with bustas so they asses get clocked Chyeah, who gives a fuck about another Only got love for my fuckin gang brothers Chyeah but I'm young so nobody would wonder That the hood would take me under. Always strapped and eager to peel a cap The hood done took me under. Chyeah, this going out to all the niggas It's going out to my niggas Its going out to all the niggas My nigga Mike T. More on Genius. About Hood Took Me Under.


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